The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, abbreviated to CDM2015, apply to ALL construction projects and place important duties on key duty holders on those projects.

Aimed at improving the management of health and safety in construction projects, the regulations seek to improve hazard awareness and elimination of hazards in all stages of a project and encourage effective co-ordination and co-operation of all parties throughout the project.

There are six dutyholders under the regulations and each has important duties, the most important being for the client who ultimately holds the power and control of the project. Clients must ensure those that they appoint have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their appointed duties.

  • Client
  • Designer
  • Principal Designer
  • Contractor
  • Principal Contractor
  • Worker

There are two types of client on a construction project – domestic clients or commercial clients.

Domestic clients are those having work carried out on their own home or a home that they will live in, for example self building your own home. The regulations accept that domestic clients do not necessarily have the knowledge or experience to comply with the regulations themselves and therefore their duties are often passed on to other dutyholders.

Commercial clients are effectively all other clients and are expected to comply fully with the regulations and in particular to fulfil their duties.

On all projects there is a requirement for a construction phase health and safety plan and welfare facilities to be in place before work commences and this is generally prepared by the only contractor or the Principal Contractor.

Where more than one contractor is employed on a project, the client must ensure a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are employed. This applies to both domestic clients and commercial clients.

We appreciate it can be daunting for some clients implementing CDM2015. We believe that if projects are being carried out properly and professionally then the regulations shouldn’t place any unnecessary burdens on any project and most certainly shouldn’t be a ‘paperwork exercise’ to demonstrate compliance.

Ashwood Design Associates Ltd can act as Principal Designer on your project and can act as a CDM Advisor to those clients who are unsure of the requirements of the regulations or those who want to ensure their appointed dutyholders are fulfilling their duties. Please contact us for more information and for confirmation of our own skills, knowledge and experience.